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WFG - Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft am Mittelrhein mbH

 Projects and networks


Cluster for packaging & logistics/ Knowledge management/ Industry 4.0 - QuickCheck/ IT.Stadt Koblenz/ Mayen-Koblenz Skilled Workers’ Alliance

Stronger together in networks and in work groups

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Skilled workers

Film: Viele gute Gründe für Mayen-Koblenz

The situation with skilled workers in Mayen-Koblenz/ Offers/ Workshops for companies/ Film 

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Fachkräfte-Allianz Mayen-Koblenz

Every company needs qualified employees. In Germany, there are excellent qualification options thanks to the outstanding school system and dual training. Qualified workers are in very high demand, while competition for bright minds has continued to increase over the past several years due to the demographic change.

Commercial space & real estate

Gewerbeflächen & Immobilien

Commercial spaces/ Real estate/ Industriepark (Industrial area) A 61/TechnologieZentrum Koblenz (Koblenz Technology Center) - TZK

The WFG provides information about public and private commercial spaces and commercial properties in and around Mayen-Koblenz. Irrespective of whether companies are looking for a suitable location, expansion options or a suitable area for their business: the WFG has all the necessary contacts and connections.
There is a suitable commercial space available for every need in the Mayen-Koblenz district. 

Together with local communities, the WFG supports companies with expansion needs in the district. It collaborates constructively with partners from management and finds the right solution, even for difficult requirements. Furthermore, it has effective and flexible project management.

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Location Information


Location Mayen-Koblenz / Water, air, rail and road

The economic success of Mayen-Koblenz as an industrial location is defined by the performance of the businesses located there, and by the spending power of the approximately 365,000 consumers living in the direct catchment area. Furthermore, approximately 6 million people live within 150 kilometres of the Mayen-Koblenz district. The diverse range of goods and services provided by the businesses located in the area are in demand both regionally and nationally.

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Project management in construction projects/ Company relocation, launching a company and company succession / Company development

The core task of business development is to assist companies with their ideas: with relocation, launching or expanding their business activities and with company succession. One focal point is assistance with approval issues during relocations or expansions.


 Funding and financing


Funding for launching a new company/ Funding for consulting / Funding for technology and innovation projects/Funding for investment projects

The WFG consults and assists companies and founders in their search for funding and financing options, and the consultation is customized and strictly confidential. As a professional point of contact, we assist you and help you make the right contacts. From researching the right funding programs to successfully completing the product or service, the WFG assists companies along their journey.

Among other things, advising services include selecting, analyzing and evaluating the financial resources in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany and the European Union (EU).

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Business development in Mayen-Koblenz - WFG

Good advice is not expensive: The WFG offers free but mainly quick, flexible and effective support that is always customized for the particular partner. We see ourselves as a liaison and hub between economy, management, science and politics.

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